check This "NEIGHBOURING COMPUTER CLUBS" page contains a list of 23 links to computer club websites in the neighbouring communities around the Region of Durham, Ontario.

Thanks to TBA of the DPCUC, this page was last reported as checked for full accuracy on August 30, 2009.

CanAm_Toronto canleaf

This group is for active Computer enthusiasts, we discuss current trends, software and hardware.

Club Cubase canleaf

An online forum.

Computer Trainers Network Toronto canleaf

Greater Toronto Area Linux User Group (GTALUG) canleaf

GTALUG is committed to the free exchange of Linux-related information. Our goals as a user group include the creation of mechanisms that allow people with a common interest in linux to socialize.

Greater Toronto Area Python User's Group (PyGTA) canleaf

An informal not-for-profit group of practicioners who use the Python Programming Language. It is free to all those who are interested in discussing and learning about the language.

Loyal Ontario Group Interested In Computers (LOGIC) canleaf

Canada's oldest Apple II/Macintosh user group, based in Toronto.

Markham .Net User Group canleaf

We focus on various .NET technologies at each session such as mobile, web, Office, SharePoint and other emerging .NET technologies.

Personal Computer Club of Toronto canleaf

The PCCT is a club of PC users in Toronto, Canada, who share their experiences and help each other to get the most from their computers and be informed about new technologies.

Toronto Atari Federation canleaf

North America's Largest Atari User group.

The Toronto CSS Meetup Group canleaf

The focus is on 'Cascading Style Sheets' in Web design and development.

The Toronto Delphi User Group (TDUG) canleaf

Dedicated to the support and education ofits members in the area of software development using Delphi and other products.

Toronto Java Meetup Group canleaf

Join this group and broaden your Java knowledge.

Toronto Mac Meetup Group canleaf

This group is devoted to all things mac including ipods, macbooks, imacs, iphones, the Apple TV and all the other amazing devices as well as software created for the mac.

Toronto .Net User Group canleaf

The Toronto .NET User Group is dedicated to the advanced Visual Studio.NET developer.

Toronto Palm OS User Group canleaf

Whether you are an expert or a novice, it is always the best way to learn more about your new gadget by joining your local Palm OS User Group.

Toronto Perl Mongers canleaf

A group of Perl programmers and hackers of all levels who get together to talk about Perl.

Toronto PET Users Group Inc. (TPUG) canleaf

TPUG is the best and second oldest Commodore computer club.

The Toronto PHP Meetup Group canleaf

Looking to expand your knowledge of PHP, then here's your group.

The Toronto Slashdot Meetup Group canleaf

A diverse bunch of techies from different disciplines, with interests which converge over Free / Open Source Software, digital rights, privacy, technology news on a broader scale.

The Toronto Visual Basic User Group (TVBUG) canleaf

TVBUG is dedicated to the development of its members in Microsoft .NET, particularly Visual Basic and it's related technologies.

The Toronto XML Meetup Group canleaf

From Web Design and Development, to Web Standards, Administration, and Programming, to Photoshop, Flash and TechTV, we cover it all in this group.

Unix Unanimous canleaf

An informal gathering of people interested in Unix and related topics.

The XPToronto/Agile Users Group canleaf

A dedicated community of software development specialists located in Toronto.

The compilers of this list have tried to include local area (Durham Region, Ontario) and other Canadian websites, but not exclusively. We welcome any suggestions concerning related websites: please send your list to TBA, including the sites' titles, the sites' URLs, and your recommendations for categories/subcategories.

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