Saturday July 08 2023, Dave Odynski and his wife Lynn sponsored and hosted a club related BBQ at their home. Several club members and some of the executive attended this event.
We all had a very enjoyable time and caught up with news about the club. This was the first in-person event since the pandemic halted our regular meetings at the church.

Back row: Lloyd Lindsay, Brian Pagniello, Kal Somogyvary, Dan Delong, Margaret Swain, David Swain, Dave Odynski
Front row: (Robert T. Bell left before the picture was taken), Anne Delong, Mark Hunter, Hugh Crawford
Absent with regrets: Peter Camilleri, Alex Morrison, Glen Goslin.

Thursday February 22 2024, A field trip, Tour of the Climatic Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel at the ACE complex - Ontario Tech University.

David Swain arranged this tour for club members, their families and guests. Approximately 45 people attended and toured the facility in two groups. Below are some pictures from the event.
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